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Saturday, October 22, 2016

How we got here.

1. The media did not do its job vetting candidates during the primary elections and held the big revelations for October and did us a big disservice.
2. Only 12 percent of the voters voted in the Republican primary elections and 
this is way too low.
3. Hillary Clinton scarred off serious opposition in the Democratic primary.
4. Money did not matter. Jeb Bush had more money than anyone and it did him no good.
5. The Republicans never faced up the challenge the Tea Party represented to them and when it became more populist had no answer.
6. The Republicans were never prepared for a candidate like Trump—Billionaire, populist, reality TV star, and gadfly.
7. 17 candidates split the Republican primary vote that did not allow anyone to challenge Trump until it was too late.
8. Ted Cruz was viewed by insiders as worse than Trump.
9. Conservatives are less numerous than most of us thought
10. Evangelical voters voted against their professed beliefs.

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