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Wednesday, January 6, 2021



Early Analysis

1.       It was incredibly close in both Senate seats, but the Democrats look like they will win both.  With Biden’s win in Georgia it is worth looking at how this happened and if Georgia is indeed now a Democratic dominated state.

2.       The Republicans did not come out in anywhere near their historic levels and so the Democrats won.  We have seen this before in Alabama when Doug Jones beat Roy Moore many Republicans in Alabama just didn’t vote.  When George Bush (41) lost his re-election bid after raising taxes many Republicans stayed home.  What we don’t know yet is why the Republicans in Georgia stayed home.

3.       Candidates matter.  Kelly Loeffler was appointed to fill out the term of Johnny Isakson when he resigned.  Loeffler had no political experience and turned out to be less than able to impress the Georgia voters.  David Perdue’s race was closer and may have had more to do with national trends than him as a candidate.

4.       Runoff elections are often distorted and this one had so much money it that it is hard to see how this can carryover to more general elections.

5.       I suspect a Trump was a large factor but how he effected turnout will have to be analyzed with more data.

6.       African-Americans turnout in large numbers and that mattered but not as much as the Republicans not voting.

7.       Georgia is now a competitive state between the parties but I would guess the Republicans will still win many of the races when Republican voters turnout.

Saturday, January 2, 2021


10 predictions about the Biden Presidency

1.       His administration will increase the number of abortions worldwide.

2.       He will try and put limits on religious institutions.

3.       He will get us into another war

4.       He will increase taxes

5.       Economic growth will hover around 2%

6.       He will have better relations with Europe.

7.       He will have better relations with China.

8.       He will mess up our relationship with the Arabs to try and fail to repair relations with Iran.

9.       He will fail to bridge our cultural divide.

10.   He will be a one term President (He will be 82 at the end of his first term.)

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

 I haven't blogged in quite a while.  I am coming back to it because Facebook and twitter are too compromised.  The election was quite problematic with all the MSM totally against Trump.  The forces against religion are aligned with the Democrats, and Covid has messed up everything else.  I hope to bring more here soon.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter 2018

When I think of Easter so many thoughts come to mind. Jesus is the greatest symbol of hope, of a better future, and love and that we can focus on any of these to understand why so many of us are Christians. Yet, I think it is the God made man and the sacrifice of a son by a father that has always made such an impression on me. For Easter shows us what the deep relationship that God the father had with his son. No father could ever sacrifice a son for something except the greatest good. God the father gave up his son to atone for our sins and bring us to the possibility of everlasting life. That Jesus suffered for us is different than any other faith, since none of them have sacrifice, love, and hope that the Easter story has at it core. I wish you a happy Easter; peace, hope, and love.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How we got here.

1. The media did not do its job vetting candidates during the primary elections and held the big revelations for October and did us a big disservice.
2. Only 12 percent of the voters voted in the Republican primary elections and 
this is way too low.
3. Hillary Clinton scarred off serious opposition in the Democratic primary.
4. Money did not matter. Jeb Bush had more money than anyone and it did him no good.
5. The Republicans never faced up the challenge the Tea Party represented to them and when it became more populist had no answer.
6. The Republicans were never prepared for a candidate like Trump—Billionaire, populist, reality TV star, and gadfly.
7. 17 candidates split the Republican primary vote that did not allow anyone to challenge Trump until it was too late.
8. Ted Cruz was viewed by insiders as worse than Trump.
9. Conservatives are less numerous than most of us thought
10. Evangelical voters voted against their professed beliefs.

Monday, September 5, 2016

10 things I do not like about Hillary Clinton

1.     She will not hold a press conference
2.       She is afraid of making a mistake
3.       She lied to the public according to the FBI
4.       Her speaking style
5.       Her stand against the 2nd Amendment
6.       Her stand against the Free Exercise clause
7.       Her reliance on really, very, big money
8.       Her actions/lack of actions on Benghazi
9.       Her seeming dislike of male voters

10.   Her acting as Secretary of State while her husband was taking funds for his global initiative from foreign governments. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Random thoughts about the coming election

5 things I have been thinking about the election.
1. Will turnout matter. I think we will have a different electorate than 4 years ago and it will be interesting to see who turns out to vote.
2. Will there be a silent Trump vote. Trump is a weird candidate and I suspect there are people who will vote for him and not want to admit they will. How many?
3. The misogyny anti-Clinton vote. We know that some people will not vote for a woman. Generally, the literature I have seen says it is not significant and I hope that is right but again this will largely be hidden and so it will not show up in the polls.
4. Has the main stream media ever been so wholly against a candidate the way they are against Trump? Will this matter.
5. Can Hillary Clinton have a good finish. Clinton is not a natural candidate and makes mistakes. Can she avoid the pitfalls and finish strong?